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Technology is not only Startups

Cross-border/ International

Startups, even when backed by established and experienced shareholders, need advice that will help them get 'up and running' as soon as possible.

We offer clear legal counsel with recommendations supported by options and pragmatic risk analysis based on my experience of tens of startups and several exits.

We counsel startup companies in all aspects of their business including amongst others, founders agreements, corporate set up, intellectual property, employment contracts, option plans and investment agreements.

Due to our familiarity with the fast growing high tech arena in Israel and abroad, we can offer experience and sector-specific knowledge across a wide range of industries including: • Internet & cyber law; • Software and Open Source; • Medical devices ;• Wireless & mobile; • E-Commerce and • Bio-tech.

Our goal is to help our clients move forward in this exciting and promising field by paving their way with timely, resourceful and critical legal advice and service, including with regard to:
• Complex licensing agreements; • Technology licensing;
• Franchising; • Intellectual property (IP) assignment agreements;
• Sponsorships; Confidentiality agreements; • Research & development agreements; and • Outsourcing agreements.

We represent companies, inventors, developers, sellers and users of technology and pride ourselves on delivering 'business sense' coupled with legal expertise so that our clients can differentiate between the 'must haves' and the 'nice to haves' to prudently protect their material commercial interests.


We also have  experience in assisting clients in obtaining government support for the development of technological know-how from the Office of the Chief Scientist, the Bird Fund and private/public incubators.


In the last decade, the volume of transactions conducted over the Internet has grown dramatically. E-commerce trends point to continued growth, involving an increasing variety of goods and services.

Our experience covers a wide variety of e-commerce sites and our knowledge of complementary practices (e.g. cyber law, high-tech law, corporate law, information technology, licensing, intellectual property and more) gives us a full understanding of the legal and commercial issues concerning e-commerce, assisting you in finding the simplest legal solution.  Amongst others we have experience in: • Internet terms and conditions & privacy policies;
• Formation and enforcement of e-contracts; • On-line sale of goods and services; • Compliance with copyright issues; • Compliance with data protection regulations; • Privacy issues and
• Liability issues in connection with web sites.

We represent clients in a broad range of local and cross-border commercial transactions handling complex broader scale transactions as well as standard ones.

Our deep commercial understanding, as well as our first hand business experience, enables us to assist our Israeli clients in their transactions with foreign customers or sellers and our foreign clients with their Israeli customers or sellers. 

We have experience in assisting clients in structuring and negotiating commercial transactions of various kinds including: mergers & acquisitions, drafting and negotiating manufacturing and supply agreements, OEM agreements, licensing agreements, distribution and consignment agreements, employment agreements, consulting and service provider agreements.

We have experience in: • International joint venture negotiation, structuring and documentation; • International mergers and acquisitions; • Establishment of wholly foreign owned subsidiaries
• International franchising; • International sales, distribution and manufacturing; • International investments; • Cross-border commercial contracting; • Establishment of tax efficient overseas holding companies; • Licensing and technology transfer arrangements.

Intellectual Property

We provide our clients with intellectual property counsel while guiding them through the maze of legal, regulative and business issues covering a vast range of types and aspects of intellectual property.

We take a balanced view of the legal treatment of intellectual property, keeping in the mind that the legal system has not kept pace with the rapidly developing technologies.



Beverley qualified as a mediator in 2008. Years of experience have taught her the incalculable benefits of mediation the commercial/business arena for conflict resolution. Mediation is a powerful tool for satisfying human needs and due to its flexibility and informality can give all participants an opportunity to express their view of the conflict. A skillful mediator will help reframe a contentious dispute as a mutual problem. Mediation can produce creative win win outcomes that reach beyond formal rights and remedies. 


We counsel companies in various aspects of corporate law and through various transactions.  We have experience in many industries including energy, health care, aeronautical, software and hardware, biotechnology, telecommunications, information technology, transportation, business, medical devices, consulting, internet, security, computer services, chemical, manufacturing and consumer products.

Beverley is also a qualified mediator and has the skills and experience to assess widely varying situations and to help parties reach a mutually workable solution. Beverley's mediation skills are of great use in the corporate work, as any growing company has disputes and conflicts which need to be resolved in order for the company to continue to grow.

As a mediator Beverley does not solve the problem or impose a solution on the parties but stand impartially between the parties and assist them to find their own solution.

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